Unearthing Cannabinoids: A 20th Century Breakthrough

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Here at Ounces Recreational Cannabis Provisioning Center, we are true believers in the power of the plant to change the world. We also believe that understanding the incredible possibilities and rich history of marijuana and hemp is paramount when it comes to proper consumption. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to always look […]

Cannabis and Sports

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In one of our recent blogs, we brushed on how cannabis can be an imperative part of the creative process for artists and musicians. Let’s now discuss how cannabis can be implemented in more potentially beneficial ways. For folks of all types and in various active lifestyles, you can feel good that today there is […]

Marijuana & Music: Highlighting Michigan Festivals

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It’s no secret that one of the most enjoyable activities to do while consuming marijuana is listening to your favorite music and getting “lost in the sauce” of it all. It’s also no secret that musicians and artists have been the intersection of trendsetters and tastemakers in the cannabis industry.  They have helped shape cannabis […]

Lake Michigan Attractions

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As we provide our customers and readers with first-class products, crucial cannabis information & education, as well as a welcoming environment that ensures a safe and effortless introduction to the world of cannabis—first and foremost and above all of the rest, we’re advocates for our state and the communities that surround us as we wouldn’t […]

Learning About the Endocannabinoid System

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What do we think about when we consume cannabis? We may be thinking about its creative properties, how it relaxes us, among many other things.   But regardless of how we consume, knowing the simple ins/outs of how cannabis affects our minds and bodies is surely an important factor in our wellness.  It is common knowledge […]

Ounces Community: Fun Things to do in Southern Michigan

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If you have been following along with the Ounces blog page, we just gave a big shoutout to all of the amazing state and federal parks near us that so many of our customers love to enjoy.  Our Provisioning Center closely neighbors impressive lake views, entertaining city life, and great sightseeing locations. But even though […]

Conscious & Responsible Cannabis Consumption

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Michigan’s legal cannabis market almost blew the roof off of the state in 2021 as adult-use marijuana sales nearly doubled, lifting up the industry — and that is just the beginning of all the huge profits that will surely come.  While Michigan unsurprisingly climbs its way towards becoming the fourth largest marijuana market in the […]

Best Parks & Hiking Trails Near Sturgis, Michigan

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Whether you’re a Michigan native or just passing through to ‘see the sights’, you’re in luck! The Great Lakes State has a multitude of scenic views. It also has fun trail networks that give hikers of all speeds plenty to explore. No matter where you are in this amazing state, there’s no shortage of beautiful […]

Cannabis Consumption 101: Tips for Beginners

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With the expanding state-by-state legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, the market has exploded with options—and more people are starting to use cannabis for health, wellness, boosting creativity, relaxing, socializing, and improving focus. Our mission at Ounces is to be at the forefront of the legal cannabis movement by making it accessible in as many […]