Cannabis and Sports

In one of our recent blogs, we brushed on how cannabis can be an imperative part of the creative process for artists and musicians. Let’s now discuss how cannabis can be implemented in more potentially beneficial ways.

For folks of all types and in various active lifestyles, you can feel good that today there is a tremendous amount of research being conducted — in regards to how our body reacts to cannabis consumption during and after physical activity. 

Keep reading as we highlight some major developments concerning cannabis and sports.


THC Before/After Exercise: A Growing Trend

Firstly, there are many reasons that people all over the world are waking up to the incredible possibilities of the cannabis plant, in its various forms. 

When it comes to self-care and fitness, it has been shown that THC has some potentially beneficial properties that can aid in the post-workout or post-competition recovery process. 

According to Men’s Journal

“Nearly 82 percent of people who partake in legal cannabis light up before or after exercise (most often both), largely because they say it makes their sweat session more enjoyable and helps them recover faster, reports a new study out of University of Colorado Boulder.”

Making personal wellness more enjoyable – what’s not to love?


Cannabis & Yoga

Secondly, many use yoga practice as a way to incorporate more movement in their lifestyle. With that being said, reducing muscle and joint inflammation is one of the most promising areas being explored in cannabis research.

According to Muscle and Fitness, Adam Brous, (a certified yoga instructor and founder of Ganja Guru Yoga in Denver, CO) implements cannabis in his practice and often suggests it to his clients: 

“I have worked with athletes who have found cannabis to be a helpful aid. Typically, they’re dealing with pain and inflammation of the muscles and connective tissue or recovering from past injury or surgery.”

As you can see from the above, cannabis fitness advocates are more empowered than ever to praise the wonders of the plant for wellness. 

There are still more studies that need to be conducted of course, but it certainly seems that yoga, meditation and THC consumption go hand in hand. 


THC Studies & the NFL

Thirdly, the National Football League (NFL) has also been recognizing the amazing potential of the cannabis plant to help its players, and also other athletes and active people around our planet. 

According to UC San Diego

“The National Football League announced funding of a novel clinical trial that will assess the therapeutic efficacy (and any possible adverse effects) of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis; cannabidiol (CBD), the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis but not psychoactive; and a combination of the two for treating post-competition pain caused by soft tissue injury, compared to a placebo.”

The primary goal of the trial will be to evaluate pain relief and recovery and how cannabis can influence this process. Secondary goals include assessment of any effects on physical function, sleep, cognition and mood after consuming cannabis. 

We’re excited to see the results!


A Promising Future of Crucial Cannabis Research & Education

In conclusion, an active lifestyle encompasses practicing, competing and living with pain/soreness (as all this comes with the territory of utilizing your body in high-intensity situations more frequently than the average person). 

Whether you’re a football player, an extreme sports enthusiast, or an aspiring yoga expert — nowadays there are increasingly more studies that show evidence that cannabis can potentially deliver relief for those that live a high-intensity physical or athletic lifestyle — no matter what it may be.  

We look forward to seeing all the new research in relation to this field, so stay tuned with Ounces for more information as data develops. 

*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*

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