Cannabis Consumption 101: Tips for Beginners

With the expanding state-by-state legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, the market has exploded with options—and more people are starting to use cannabis for health, wellness, boosting creativity, relaxing, socializing, and improving focus. 

Our mission at Ounces is to be at the forefront of the legal cannabis movement by making it accessible in as many ways as possible; providing premium products and removing the stigma. Whether it’s your first time consuming, or you’re simply looking to get caught up on the latest in cannabis consumption, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about enjoying cannabis products. 

As always it’s also important to stay on top of the current status of adult-use cannabis laws in Michigan when consuming in the state! 

Choosing the Right Type Of Cannabis Consumption Method for You

Before we get into the methods of consumption, it’s important to touch on the potential effects of specific strains. Once you first start sifting through them, they’ll usually fall into three main categories: Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas. Sativas are known to generally give uplifting and energizing feelings while Indicas give more of a full-body relaxing vibe. Want a little bit of both worlds? Hybrids might be right up your alley. 

Choosing your preferred consumption method over another depends on a few factors… 

Situational consumption – Where and when you’ll be smoking is something to always keep in mind if you’re new to the scene.

Your experience level – If you’re a first-time user who’s never tried cannabis before, the best option would be to start with low-dosage edibles or flower. Methods such as dabbing, vaping concentrates, and the consumption of strong edibles are for experienced users with a high tolerance for cannabis. 

Personal preference: There’s no perfect guide for everyone. Many stick to smoking or vaping flower, while others prefer dabbing even when they’re on the go. You’ll come to find out what you want and what you like over time, even if you’re mixing and matching methods! 

The Four Main Methods of Cannabis Consumption 

There are four main ways to consume cannabis; Inhalation, Oral, Topical, and Sublingual.  

Inhalation: The most traditional and fastest method of consumption. Inhalation describes any product that passes through your lungs in order to feel the effects of cannabis. The two ways to Inhale cannabis are first, by smoking or simply combusting dry herb, usually with a lighter or hemp wick. 

The second and possibly the most efficient and low-key method of consumption is vaping. Vaping is a method that involves using a device to heat either cannabis flower or concentrate to desired temperatures right below the point of combustion. There are a number of different ways to vape cannabis such as Dry Herb Vaporizers, Pens, Cartridges, or “Dabbing” small amounts of concentrate through a glass device. 

Oral Consumption: If smoking or vaping isn’t your cup of tea, orally ingesting cannabis to get its desired effects is extremely popular, potent, and effective. Generally, we’re going to see oral consumption in the form of tinctures, capsules, oils, and edibles.  

This form of consumption is the easiest way to consume cannabis on the market nowadays—no smell, no lighter, and no device needed to enjoy. The onset for oral ingestion is always slower and the effects are stronger and last longer than with inhalation.

Topical: While topicals are more of a “delivery” method rather than actually consuming, their importance is still important to note due to their ability to deliver more targeted results. Topicals such as lotions or rubs allow you to absorb cannabinoids through your skin, where they can provide localized or specific effects for things such as joint pain, soreness, and inflammation. 

Sublingual Consumption: This means that marijuana can also enter the bloodstream when put under the tongue and held in the mouth. Tinctures are a form of liquid cannabis that’s absorbed through blood vessels under your tongue and when swallowed, moves through your digestive tract just like edibles. This dual-absorption technique allows the user to feel the effects quickly as well as providing a “second helping” of onset effects hours later after the oil is digested. 

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