Conscious & Responsible Cannabis Consumption

Michigan’s legal cannabis market almost blew the roof off of the state in 2021 as adult-use marijuana sales nearly doubled, lifting up the industry — and that is just the beginning of all the huge profits that will surely come. 

While Michigan unsurprisingly climbs its way towards becoming the fourth largest marijuana market in the United States, cannabis education is becoming more and more crucial. 

Business owners, leaders, and even consumers in this industry have a duty to deliver and make information as accessible as possible, in as many ways as possible. 

That’s why here at Ounces, we provide not only premium, safe products to consumers, but also aim to bring valuable information to our readers in order to remove the stigma that has been surrounding cannabis for far too long.  


What is the Definition of ‘Conscious Consumption’?

First, let’s define conscious consumption. According to an article that appeared in the New York Times:

Phrases like conscious consumption, sustainability and social responsibility are often used synonymously, but some of these phrases have carefully measured definitions, while others are a bit looser. 

Conscious consumption is an umbrella term that simply means engaging in the economy with more awareness of how your consumption impacts society at large. 

Shopping sustainably, with the intent to preserve the environment, is one way to consume more consciously.


What Does it Mean to be Conscious & Responsible in Regards to Cannabis Consumption? 

Next, in simple terms—being a conscious consumer has everything to do with our direct relationship with cannabis—as this will shape the economic direction of the plant and its social/cultural development in the country. 

From how we grow it and sustainably package it, all the way to our cannabis consumption methods, having responsible guidelines will shape the future of how we cultivate and think about this plant.  


Cannabis Wellness & Taking Care of Our Bodies

Furthermore, it may seem pretty straightforward, but there is actually a right way to consume and treat our cannabis use responsibly. 

Whether we’re using it to attain better sleep, more natural pain management, or getting us out the door to have a more productive day, we certainly have to be conscious about implementing sustainable practices into our routines. 

When we use cannabis, we have to be aware of a few things: 

  • The short-term and long-term effects of use
  • how much we’re consuming
  • consumption methods
  • where our product is coming from

Apart from direct consumption, how we receive, send, and treat cannabis waste and packaging is an equally important factor in the future of cannabis in our world.  


Sustainability in the Legal Cannabis Industry 

Finally, a great start to shaping the future of sustainability in this rapidly growing industry is by working to reverse any irresponsibility that has sprung up as a result of widespread consumption and cultivation operations. 

From throwing out our used roaches in the park to packaging products with sustainable, recyclable materials, bigger and permanent changes will start to be seen in how we cultivate and consume every facet of the plant we all love.  


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