Lake Michigan Attractions

As we provide our customers and readers with first-class products, crucial cannabis information & education, as well as a welcoming environment that ensures a safe and effortless introduction to the world of cannabis—first and foremost and above all of the rest, we’re advocates for our state and the communities that surround us as we wouldn’t be here without them.

One of our favorite things about the freedom of writing and sharing what is important to us is shouting out the amazing communities and attractions that the state has to offer!

From the scenic views in the parks and forests with their huge trail networks, all the way to the historical museums and art installations in our small towns spread over the central and southern parts of Michigan, the state is never short on things to do.

With a never-ending list of activities and attractions to cover, and without further ado, let’s get this show on the road and hit on our next topic—Lake Michigan.


Our Favorite Lake Michigan Attractions For A Day (Or A Whole Weekend) Out! 

  • Petoskey Stones At Lake Michigan Beaches

Starting out with one of our favorites, the Petoskey stone search! Michigan has the largest freshwater coastline in the country which has made this activity all the more interesting.

The Petoskey Stones are fossilized rugose coral—meaning they were formed when glaciers dug up the seabed nearly 400 million years ago.

Their scientific name —Hexagonaria percarinata was given due to their unique six-sided pattern shape.

  • Can You Really Surf In Michigan?

Local legends, ice beards, and wave spotting spots are becoming mainstream in the Michigan surf scene. To answer your question…you can definitely surf on the Lake and here are some videos to prove it.

U.P. Michigan Is Lively As Ever With Surfers

Paddling Out On The Wood In Lake Michigan

Doubters and naysayers beware! You won’t know until you try. Whether you’re a Michigan local or thinking of coming for the weekend, bringing your good vibes and a board to the lake is never a bad option—late summer, fall, and winter when the storms start to swell is the best time to hit the lake.

Before you go, get comfortable with Lake Michigan surf and wave knowledge—it’s not all fun and games.


  • Silver Lake & Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes At Lake Michigan

Equally perfect for a day or weekend trip, the Silver Lake and Sleeping Bear sand dunes are two popular trip spots to experience the serene, sandy hills, valleys, and shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Famously named some of the most beautiful places in America, these dunes offer beautiful floras, restaurants, water & land recreation, plus so much more!


  • Northern Michigan Trips To Mackinac Island

Thinking of taking a trip up north for some more options? Mackinac Island sits right at the tip of Michigan between Lake Michigan’s border with Lake Huron.

As a popular summer resort town, Mackinac offers a wonderful state park, historic downtown for beautiful scenes and bike rides, as well as museums and historic landmarks spread across the island.


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