Ounces Adult-Use & Medical Cannabis Provisioning Center: An Introduction

Welcome to Ounces: Adult-Use and Medical Cannabis Provisioning Center, located in beautiful Sturgis, Michigan! We’re proud and excited to begin providing consumers with first-class products, along with crucial cannabis information and education—as well as hosting a welcoming environment to ensure our customers optimally experience the amazing potential benefits of the cannabis plant, in its many forms. 

Above all else, our team is committed to building a strong, trusted reputation for cannabis products and services that exceed customer expectations. The cannabis industry is quickly growing and becoming a vital part of municipalities throughout the Mitten State. We wholeheartedly support the positive impact this wonderful plant has had on legal states, and we aim to become a leader in this exciting new era of legal cannabis and natural wellness. 

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our brand, so keep reading for more about our mission and vision, operations, and the latest on our fast-approaching opening.

Ounces Adult-Use and Medical Cannabis Provisioning Center: Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at Ounces is to create a one-of-a-kind experience: to provide cannabis products that inspire our customers to live their best lives. 

With a passion and determination to create Southern Michigan’s premier brand, Ounces is setting a new standard for the industry. Creating a cannabis experience unlike any other is what drives us; one that is expertly tailored to each guest and carefully measured to fit each person’s individual needs. 

About Our Well-Curated Selection of Cannabis Products

Our world-class, well-curated selection of cannabis products offers something for everyone with some local flavor added into the mix. Whether you’re a marijuana connoisseur or a new explorer, when you walk through our doors, you’re treated like family.

We have staked our reputation by being the pinnacle of cannabis retail. Across our team of knowledgeable experts, cultivators, and budtenders, we fully embody this philosophy.

With our growing roots that are deep in quality and built on a methodology of precision and consistency, we are becoming the benchmark by which others are measured. We are the Gold Standard of Cannabis. 

Meet Our Ounces Cannabis Grow Operation: Skye Farms

Last but not least, we also wanted to introduce our grow operation. Set up with a philosophy for excellence to assist in building our region’s premier brand, Skye Farms (the sister grow operation to the Ounces Provisioning Center) aims to also set new standards within the cannabis industry.

Our expert Skye Farms cultivation team works meticulously to bring you carefully selected locally-grown Michigan cannabis flower. It’s been quite a journey to get here,  but it will be 100% worth it to see the smiles on your faces when you get a glimpse of our offerings. 

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As our seedlings continue to grow, and as we near our opening date – we can’t wait to be able to share our premium cannabis with the state of Michigan.

Ounces is located in Sturgis, Michigan, so if you live anywhere near Southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio, we highly recommend staying tuned in to our Instagram for the latest updates!


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